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Moving NetWare Java Webapps from Tomcat 4.1 to Tomcat 5.0

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By Rodney Crossman

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Posted: 11 May 2006


How to move the NetWare Java webapps from Tomcat 4.1 that Novell installs by default, to the faster Tomcat 5.0 system available on later NetWare 6.5 support packs.

The tip "Running GroupWise WebAccess with Tomcat 5 on NetWare" provides info on how to move your GroupWise Webaccess to run on Tomcat 5, but many of us also run iManager, NetStorage, Virtual Office, etc. The following instructions continue from the previous tip so you will have EVERYTHING running on Tomcat 5 instead of the old Tomcat 4.1 setup by default.


This solution assumes that you followed the installation information provided in the previously mentioned tip to do the inital Tomcat 5 move/setup, and that you have iManager, Virtual Office, Quickfinder and eGuide installed. You will also need an extra ~1GB of space on your sys volume to have 2 copies of all of this stuff. You could theoretically delete the tomcat/4 directory when you are finished, but that would mess with future netware patches and could confuse the products.dat so do that at your own risk.

Shut down all your Tomcat and Apache 2 services using appropriate commands. The easiest way to stop both standalone and admin Tomcat is to issue a java -shutdownall. For Apache, issue tcadmdn and ap2webdn.

Tomcat Standalone Instance Instructions

  1. The first step is to move the following files and folders from sys:/tomcat/4/webapps to sys:/tomcat/5/webapps.

    The list of folders to copy are:

    • ecb
    • eGuide
    • nps

    The list of files are:
    • admin.xml
    • ecb.war
    • qfsearch.xml
    • manager.xml

  2. Create a sys:/tomcat/5/conf/Standalone/localhost directory, then copy the imanager.xml and nwapps-eguide.xml from sys:/tomcat/4/conf to the sys:/tomcat/5/conf/Standalone/localhost directory.

  3. Edit sys:/tomcat/5/conf/nwapps-eguide.xml. Open it in notepad or another basic editor and change the line:

    docBase="SYS:/tomcat/4/webapps/eGuide" to the obvious docBase="SYS:/tomcat/5/webapps/eGuide"

  4. Edit sys:/tomcat/5/webapps/eGuide/WEB-INF/eGuide-apache.conf.

    Do a find/replace on tomcat/4 and replace with tomcat/5. There should be four of these references in that file.

  5. Numerous config files now need to be copied over and edited to replace the tomcat/4 references to the appropriate tomcat/5 reference. Copy the following files from sys:/tomcat/4/conf to sys:/tomcat/5/conf.

    • beans-apache.conf
    • nps-apache.conf
    • vo-apache-netware.conf

    Note: There should be four tomcat/4 references in each file that needs to be changed to tomcat/5.

  6. The next file that needs editing is sys:/netstorage/xsrv.conf. Replace the five tomcat/4 references with tomcat/5.

  7. Next edit your sys:/apache2/conf/httpd.conf and find/replace all the tomcat/4 references to tomcat/5. There will most likely be six of these.

This should be it for the main Standalone Tomcat instance, next is the Tomcat Admin instance. Don't worry, far fewer steps for this one.

Tomcat Admin Instance Instructions:

  1. First backup your sys:/system/tcadmup.ncf and call the backup tc4admup.ncf.

  2. Edit the new tcadmup.ncf file and find/replace the two tomcat/4 references with tomcat/5.

  3. Edit the sys:/adminsrv/conf/admin_tomcat.xml and replace tomcat4 with tomcat5. There will only be one reference in this file.

  4. Next edit sys:/adminsrv/webapps/admin.xml and manager.xml and replace the tomcat/4 reference with tomcat/5 in these.

You can now reload the main and admin Apache and Tomcat instances by running ap2webup, tomcat5, admsrvup and tcadmup.


Tested on NetWare 6.5 sp5 but should work on older NetWare 6.5 sp2+

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