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Restore Settings after Updating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

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By Jay Martinez

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Posted: 18 May 2006

openexchange server 4 or openXchange server 5 sp1
all patches to sles 9 must be applied for this error to occur.

PROBLEM: You have a fresh install of SLES 9. You proceed to install OpenXchange Server to your specified configuration users, domains, etc. You then apply all necessary patches and service packs to have a current system. You then realize ALL your customizations to the ldap database, users, domains, smtp settings are gone. WHAT DO YOU DO!?

SOLUTION: At a command line, type in these simple commands:

  1. rcldap stop
  2. cp -a /var/lib/ldap /root/ldap-backup
  3. db_recover -h /var/lib/ldap
  4. rcldap start

Your system should now be just like you had it prior to your updating of the system.

With SUSE and OpenXchange it's just that EASY!

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