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Authenticating to Member Servers without being Prompted

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By Garry Goodwin

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Posted: 21 Jun 2006


Our configuration is as follows:

  • eDirectory and Active Directory synchronized with DirXML Username; groups and passwords are correctly synchronized.
  • Two Domain Controllers and several 2000/2003 member servers, all joined to AD.
  • Workstations have Novell Client installed and using Dynamic Local Users to ensure local XP username and Novell username are the same.

Our goal is to have workstations authenticate to Member servers without being prompted for a username and password.

Currently workstations authenticate to Domain Controllers with no problem since there is no local SAM database. However, when a user attempts to authenticate to a member server, they are prompted for a username / password and must key "ad\username" and password.

Is there something we can change on our Member servers so by default they treat usernames coming from non-AD workstations as AD accounts? We're aware that simply joining those workstations to AD would solve this problem, but would prefer not to go that route.


I have done this migration several times; it's relatively straightforward.

As you already have the eDir + AD sync working, it is simply a case ofjoining the workstations to the domain and then disabling your DLU policy. This is the best-practice approach.

If you are worried about the effort of joining the workstation to the domain, don't ... a simple batch file using the NETDOM utility can be deployed via a logon script or ZENworks.

To make things smoother, you can force a registry key to the workstations to require the default domain to be the AD domain. It will currently be the local workstation where you are using DLU. (HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/Current Version/Winlogon/defaultdomain)

If you are using roaming profiles, the move will be 100% seamless to the user. If you are not, then you should enable this beforehand to save users from losing all their personal app preferences when you cut over.

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