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Enabling RConJ on Linux -- Unsecure Mode Only

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By Jim Gosney

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Posted: 1 Jun 2006

This tool has been tested using NetWare 6.5, Novell Linux Desktop (running KDE), and Sun's JRE java.

To enable RconJ on Linux using your pre-existing NetWare files, perform the following steps:

  1. Under your home directory, create an rconj folder (hereafter referred to as \rconj)

  2. Copy the following files from the SYS/public/mgmt/ConsoleOne/1.2 directory of a NetWare 6.5 server to \rconj:
  3. Make sure that your current directory is \rconj folder and then unzip/unpack these files using the shell commands (Since they all contain the same directories, using the GUI versions of jar or zip to unpack them caused problems for me. Using the shell command eliminated the issues)
     jar -xf rconsolej.jar
     jar -xf rconsolej_resources.jar
     jar -xf nssl1.2_exp.jar
  4. Now you should have a com folder under \rconj with many, many files under it. If the rest of this process is successful, you can delete the jar and zip files as they are no longer needed.

  5. To run rconJ, simply change to your \rconj folder in the shell and issue the following command:
    java com/novell/application/securerconsolej/RConsoleJApplication (note
    that it is case sensitive)

For some reason, this only works in unsecure mode. I have not figured out yet how to get it to work with secure mode.

To create a startup script file to simplify the command, simply create a new text file in the \rconj folder (I use the name and edit it with Kate or Kwrite. Enter the following three lines in this text file:

 cd \rconj     (replace this path with the full path of your rconj folder)
 java com/novell/application/securerconsolej/RConsoleJApplication

Save this file. To run the file, from the shell in that folder, issue the command sh Or create a link to application on your desktop and, under the application path, enter sh ~/ (again, ~/ should be replaced by the full path).

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