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Saving NSL Data on Multiple Databases

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By Keith A. Runge

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Posted: 7 Jun 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"Is there anyway to get NSL to save username and password credentials for different Microsoft Access databases? I have several access databases that have security enabled, and each database may have a different username and password. NSL stores the credentials for MSACCESS.EXE, but not for each individual database."

And here's a suggestion from Keith Runge ...


Yes, there is a way depending on how you are displaying the databases to the user. If you are using NAL, the database is opened via command-line syntax. Have NSL read the command line and define a separate SETPLAT per database. I often use INCLUDE scripts for applications such as EXCEL, IEXPLORE, JAVAW, and MSACCESS to help organize the code for better troubleshooting.

You might also be able to do the same thing by reading CTRL #0 (the titlebar) and script off the database name after that. I haven't tried this yet on MSAccess but it has worked great with JAVAW.EXE applets. Using regular expressions would help cut down on the number of Dialog/EndDialog statements you'll have to do.

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