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Making a Disconnected Image That Works Without a DVD Drive

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By Brett Molitor

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Posted: 15 Jun 2006

ZENworks Desktop Management 7

PROBLEM: With ZENworks imaging, one can create a disconnected imaging solution and can restore from a CD or DVD. DVDs are great for the most part, but older workstations don't have DVD drives. Windows XP makes for rather large images that need to span across multiple CDs.

SOLUTION: This requires scripting a split image.

The way I did it was this:

  1. Using image explorer, I split my image into two parts.

  2. With WinISO, I copied bootcd.iso from the server filesystem to my local workstation. (Important: do not choose "save as" in WinISO after modifying the image file or it will not work. Choose "save"...which is why I made a copy of it.)

  3. Modify bootcd.iso to have a "settings.txt" at the root with all commands commented out besides:

    export IMGCMD=/bin/XPCD.S
    export NONETWORK="1"

    at the end. The XPCD.S is a script that should be modified on a Linux box and it should contain the commands for your image. Mine looks like this:

    img rl /mnt/cdrom/images/IMAGENAME_base.zmg
    umount mnt/cdrom
    read -p "Put 2nd CD in and hit ENTER key to continue."
    img rl /mnt/cdrom/IMAGENAME_a1.zmg
    umount mnt/cdrom

  4. Put the XPCD.S (or whatever you name the .S file, which is just a script) in the addfiles/bin directory on the bootcd.iso.

  5. Copy /IMAGES/IMAGENAME_base.zmg to the root of the bootcd.iso.

  6. Save the bootcd.iso ; burn it to a CD with your favorite disc-burning software.

  7. Burn another disc with the IMAGENAME_a1.zmg on it.

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