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Listing Gateway Aliases

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Bob Jonkman

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Posted: 20 Jun 2006


An administrator wants to know what Gateway Aliases exist in her GroupWise system.


You can get a list of Gateway Aliases three ways:

From ConsoleOne:

1. Open the Gateway Properties window.

2. Click the GroupWise tab, then the Gateway Alias item.

3. Copy and paste the list to a spreadsheet.

Also from ConsoleOne:

1. Highlight a domain

2. Select from the Tools > Diagnostics > Record Enumerations.

3. Select "Gateway aliases by Alias" (or "Gateway Aliases by Domain", or "Gateway Aliases by User").

4. Copy and paste the list to a spreadsheet.

From the API gateway:

1. Submit a -GET-DIRECTORY- command.

2. To extract just the aliases, run the output through GWCONV.EXE, which will produce an ALIAS.CSV file, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet.

GWCONV is at:


The ConsoleOne solution works with the GroupWise 6.5 snap-ins, and probably the GW 7.x snap-ins, too. I don't know about earlier versions. The API solution requires the installation of the GroupWise API Gateway, naturally.

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