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How to Change File Modification Dates without Changing Data in the Files

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By Andreas Eckert

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Posted: 15 Jun 2006


How to change a file modification date (if it is in the future) without changing data in the files. Because if this happens, EMC Networker will back them up in each incremental backup, because of the date in the future.


Using Bash and Touch in NetWare 6.5 (OES) in the following way:

-> on the NetWare Server Console

type bash
type cd \ to come to the root of SYS Volume
create a Directory which is common for you to mount the Volume with the problem files in by "mkdir Directoryname" (as example "data")
type vi /etc/PATHTAB
Hit the "i" key to enter insert mode
Type /data data:\ (/data is the directory you just created, data:\ is the volumename)
Hit ESC SHIFT ZZ (or :wq)
type cd \data
do ls and you see you are on the volume 
find the files you want to change (using cd, ls and so on)
type in "touch filename" to update the date to the current date


NetWare 6.5 Sp5 (at least SP2)
EMC Networker

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