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Finding the eDirectory Database Size

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Posted: 28 Jun 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"How can I find out how big is the directory database? Where is it saved in SYS?"

And here are the responses from Akos Szechy and Massimo Rosen ...


Akos Szechy: It's in a hidden directory called sys:_netware/ You can check it with server-side utilities such as netbasic, cpqfm, and toolbox.

Also, you can run a LOAD CONFIG /ALL command and check the config.txt for the size of the files in the _NETWARE directory.

Massimo Rosen: In iMonitor, go to NRM > Manage eDirectory > NDS iMonitor > Agent Configuration > Database Cache. Right at the top it'll tell you the DIB size. It's more accurate if you're interested in the real size of the *active* database, which, especially on older servers that have been to various update cycles, might be *significantly* (as in multiple times) smaller than the files on disk in the _netware directory.

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