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By Alex Evans

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Posted: 27 Jun 2006

To continue my "How do you do that?" series (which I say as if you actually knew that that's what I was doing), I will let you know how we test GWIA issues. At least some of them, anyway.

What some people don't know is that there is a very easy way to reproduce issues with bad mails/malformed mails/missing characters etc. On every inbound mail (mails coming into GW from the Internet) there is a hidden attachment called Mime.822. Essentially this attachment is the SMTP source of the mail as GWIA received it. Additionally, what some people don't realize is that you can just take that file, modify it slightly, and dump it back in the GWIA to be reprocessed.

To access the Mime.822, open the mail and select File | Attachments | View. You can then see the file, right-click it and select Save As. If you want a Mime.822 from someone else, get them to forward the mail AS AN ATTACHMENT; otherwise, you lose the original Mime.

To be able to get GWIA to process this again there are two things that you need to do:

1. Open it and add recipient info at the top:



2. Rename it to 8.3 format - I always call mine 12345678.001

Now all you have to do is drop that in the GWIA's receive directory, and it will get reprocessed. Obviously if it was bad the first time, it's going to be bad this time too, so the next challenge is to figure out why. I'll get to that in another post sometime. In the meantime you can console yourselves with getting GWIA to send you bad mails over and over again - Enjoy.

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