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Installing and Configuring ODBC and LReport for Audit

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By Steve Law

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Posted: 5 Jul 2006

Here's my documentation on the installation and setup of ODBC and LReport.

Creating an ODBC Connection

1. Create an ODBC connection to the MySQL database like this (these instructions are for an XP workstation):

2. Download and install the MySQL ODBC 3.21 Connector client for Windows from:

3. Go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools/ Date Sources (ODBC).

4. Click Add and select the MySQL ODBC driver from the list.

5. Enter the following values:

  • Date Source Name: "Server1 Nsure Audit" (or similar, just a text identifier)
  • Host Server Name or IP: 10.xx.xx.xx (SQL host server address)
  • Date base Name: naudit
  • User: root
  • Password: (whatever the root password is)

6. Click OK and exit.

Installing LReport

LReport can be installed from the Netware Nsure Audit install cd/dvd, from D:\Nsure\nsure_audit_1.0.3\Windows\lreport_win32.exe.

The installation is just a standard install; accept all defaults.

Configuring LReport

There are two steps to this: setting up the default database for LReport to query, and installing the Application Schemata (the info on the structure of the database and queryable items).

Setting Up the Default Database

1. Run LReport.

2. Select File/New/Database.

3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Name: For example, "Nsure on Server1"
  • DSN: Click the Machine Data Source tab and select whatever you named the Nsure Audit ODBC connection.
  • ID & Pass: Enter an admin-level Nsure Audit MySQL id and password (i.e., the 'root' account).

Install Application Schemata

This installs the info on the structure of the database and queryable items that LReport uses - it can be viewed in the Events pane.

1. Run LReport.

2. Select File/Import/Application Schemata.

3. Enter the IP address of the server hosting the MySQL database and select the language.

4. Restart the application.

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