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ZENworks 7 Linux Management Cook Book

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Posted: 5 Jul 2006

If you are looking to set up ZLM in your lab and test it, you'll want to check out the ZENworks 7 Linux Management Cookbook, which is continuously being refined in the Cool Wiki.

This set of wiki pages was created as a clearing house for all ZLM7 related activities. The goal is to document pretty much everything that is appropriate to enable you to successfully get ZLM 7 running in a lab or proof of concept environment.

The aim is to start with some '101' type information; allow this to be used to build a Proof of Concept type of lab; document the successes and caveats; and over time to build a more complete body of work.

Here's what you'll find in there right now:

  1. Goals
  2. Don't Panic!
  3. Before you think of starting
  4. Before you Start
  5. Your ZLM7 Server
  6. Installing and configuring your first server
  7. Post Installation
  8. Advanced ZLM deployment
  9. ZLM7 scalability
  10. ZLM7 Architecture
  11. Other resources
  12. Troubleshooting and known issues

Definitely worth a look >

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