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Avoiding Server Abends Caused by WebAccess Attachments

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Posted: 15 Feb 2002

Version: NetWare 5.1

If your NetWare 5.1 server abends while trying to view attachments in WebAccess, here's a fix:

Apply latest viewer patch WAVIEW71.EXE.

For WebAccess to run as efficiently and reliably as possible, the following configuration is generally ideal:

  1. Make sure WebAccess is installed under a domain which is located physically on the same server where WebAccess (GWINTER) will run. If you wish WebAccess to be located on a server that doesn't have a domain and MTA, taking into consideration today's Pure IP environments and recent releases of BorderManager, it would be better to install a Secondary Domain on that server (linking it to the Primary via IP) and install WebAccess under that domain than to try and install WebAccess to run remotely against a domain and MTA located on another server.
  2. Set WebAccess post office links to Client Server Only, ESPECIALLY if the post office(s) and POA(s) that WebAccess will be servicing are located physically on another server. This is done by going to the details of the WebAccess object in NWAdmin, the Post Office Links tab, and editing the links for each post office involved. Change the Access Mode to Client Server Only and modify the Host Name or IP Address to show the correct IP address of the post office in question. Client Server access must already be set up for the post office (see POA details) for this to work.

For full details and updates to this tip, see Technical Information Document - 10051776

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