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Finding RADIUS for iChain Authentications

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By Roger Thomas

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Posted: 9 Aug 2006


It's difficult finding the information needed to install RADIUS.NLM on NetWare so that iChain can use tokens during authentication. For some reason, RADIUS.NLM seems to be lost within the Novell product set. The OES documentation points to NMAS 2.3 docs that describe RADIUS.NLM as being part of the NMAS installation. The current document release is 3.1, and the NetWare server release is 2.4.


NMAS does now not include RADIUS.NLM, as it's not needed by NMAS. Instead it requires NMAS to operate and is required by products such as iChain.

The last release of the NLM can be found in the Novell FileFinder (search for RADIUS.NLM).

This should work on NetWare 6.5 SP3 and above (unlike the older releases).

Also, the first time you run it, type something like this:

load radius xxxxx

This way, the logger screen will show the available command line options, such as how to pass object and password details.

Once RADIUS is loaded, you can then type RADIUS DEBUG ON at the command line to display a log screen that shows what is going on.

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