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Checklist for Trustee and Key Re-creation

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By Richard Beels

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Posted: 26 Jul 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question ...

"The server that hosted the tree certificate of authority crashed, and the CA was not backed up. So it is my understanding that the old one must be deleted and recreated along with all the server certificates for all the servers in the tree. No user certificates are involved.

My question is this: are there any other objects that need to be deleted and recreated, such as the W0 object?"

And here's the reply from Richard Beels ...


Your new server should be a trustee of the W0 object. You'll want to grab SDIDIAG and verify the tree keys first. See:
for the instruction set.

Here's a list of items to check:

Security's NDSPKI:

Tree CA DN=<CA server>
Public assigned [Read] to NDSPKI Tree CA DN attribute, No Inherit
W0's NDSPKI:SD Key ServerDN=<CA server>
All servers need to be trustees of W0
SD Key Server DN (and all other Key Servers if more than one) need:
[Entry Rights] Privilege: Browse
[All Attribute Rights] Privileges: Compare, Read, Write, Add Self
Leave the Inheritable box checked.

All other servers need:

[Entry Rights] Privilege: Browse
[All Attribute Rights] Privilege: Read
Leave the Inheritable box checked.
CA's Host Server=<CA server>

CA's Trustees:

Host Server has [Supervisor] to All Attrs
Public has [Read] to Cross Certificate Pair & Host Server attrs

A final test is to run PKIDiag on all the servers.

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