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Troubleshooting Missing RBS Tasks

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By Marcel Cox

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Posted: 26 Jul 2006


A Forum reader asked this question:

"I installed iManager on my main NetWare 6.5 box and installed the Linux User Management "npm". It shows up in the list of installed plug-ins, but it's not available to use on the "Roles and Tasks" screen. In looking around I found a Linux User Management "npm" file and a zip file. The zip file was in the npm directory. What have I done wrong in the installation process? Any help is appreciated!"

And here's some advice from Marcel Cox ...


Did you restart iManager after installing the plugin? New plugins are only active after an iManager restart. The restart can simply be done by executing the following commands at the server console:

<wait half a minute>

If you are using RBS, you must update your collections to include the roles and tasks associated with LUM.

If you have restarted tomcat, but the tasks are still not available, check to see if you have a warning on the main page indicating that some roles or tasks are not available. If so, you can click on the warning link to get details on what is not available and why.

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