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Stuck in a Move

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By Chris Myers

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Posted: 15 Aug 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"It seems I have more problems moving accounts with GroupWise 7 than I ever did with 6.5. Today I setup a new Domain and PO in China. I'm trying to move two accounts from the US to China, and they are both stuck on "sending mailbox inventory list". It just sits there and sits there. I retried the last step and it goes no further. I am using NetWare 6.5 SP4 and GroupWise 7 Gold. I initiated the move from the new domain. Both the primary and the secondary see the move as moved, but it won't transfer the items. Any suggestions?"

And here's a suggestion from Chris Meyers ...


You can also see what the move process is stuck on by selecting the user name in the User Move Status screen and clicking on the Pending Items button, then the Request button from within that window (takes several minutes to come up sometimes). Any time I've had problems, it's just been an old message. In that case, you can skip the current mailbox item on the same screen where you retried the last step. A very good step to do before you move a user is to run general maintenance on that account - structure check especially.

Also, make sure users clean up their mailboxes as much as possible - the fewer messages, the less chance of a problem moving them around. I've moved over 600 accounts in the last couple of weeks between post offices - merging two existing PO's into a third new PO - and haven't had very many problems at all (99% of them have just been old messages or appointments.)

And if all else fails, clear the user move status, move the user back into the original post office, wait for that to finish, then try the move again the next day. I had to do that on one account, and it went fine the second time.

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