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Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Chris Premo

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Posted: 1 Aug 2006

Creating the Software Distribution Directory

1. Start install.exe in the AdminCD "\admin" directory.

2. Select the install ConsoleOne Snapins and the Software Distribution Directory (SDD). The install process will place the required files in the directory you state. (Note: Use an eDirectory 8.3 directory naming convention.)

You will need all the *.dc files found in the \Domain and \PO directories.

Primary Domain

1. Shut down the MTA.

2. Make a copy of your WPDomain.db and rename it "".

3. Connect to the Domain in ConsoleOne.

4. Right click on Domain and select the GW Utilities - System Maintenance option.

5. Run a RECOVER operation on the Domain.

6. Once this is complete, close ConsoleOne and make a copy of your WPDomain.db and rename it "WPDomain.70".

7. Copy the contents of the SDD\Domain directory (GWDom.dc, GWPO.dc, WPDomain.dc, WPHost.dc) to the root of your domain directory, overwriting the DC files.

8. Copy the contents of the SDD\PO directory (GWPO.dc, NGWGuard.dc, WPHost.dc) to the DomainDir\WPOffice directory, overwriting the DC files.

9. Install the agents using the SDD\Agents\install.exe file. When asked for the PO/DOM, leave the entries blank so you don't overwrite your .mta and .poa files. Leaving the entry blank ensures your configurations won't be changed!

10. Load the MTA (gwmta @domainname.mta) to upgrade it. This may take a few minutes.

11. Press F10 and select the Logging Options.

12. Turn on Verbose Logging, then press F10 and view the "Active Log". You will eventually see the message "Starting recover operation on database", which means it's being converted to version 7.

13. You can confirm it's been converted by going into ConsoleOne and right-clicking on the domain, properties, and Database Version - these should all be 7. If that's the case, you're done and can continue to the Post Office.

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