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Ports for GroupWise Mobile Server, without Secure Gateway

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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 22 Aug 2006


A Forum reader recently asked this question:

"Does anyone know what ports you need to open and in which direction, when you don't use the Secure Gateway for GroupWise Mobile Server?"

And here's the reply from GroupWise guru Danita Zanre ...


Here's the scoop:

  • GMS talks to the POA on SOAP - typically port 7191
  • POA actually talks to the GMS on port 8191 (if your POA can't see port 8191 of your GMS, make it so!)
  • GMS sits on top of IIS and can run on any port you choose. Many will just have it run on port 80, but you can change this to anything - mine is at port - hmmmm that would be telling :).
  • GMS also listens on a "push port" - by default, 3102.
  • Secure Gateway listens on the IIS port defined above, the push port 3102, and 8865.

So, assuming your GMS is inside your firewall on the same network as your POAs, you shouldn't have an issue with ports 7191 and 8191, for the GMS/POA to chat back and forth.

If you want to provide "Network Push" for your users (i.e., they keep open a connection from the outside world), you need to have port 3102 available - sending and receiving.

For your IIS port, you need the typical exceptions you would have for any webserver, HTTP and HTTPS - unless you decide to change the port to something else, and then you would need that port open, of course.

If you ARE using the secure gateway, you really only need a stateful exception from the GMS to the Secure Gateway on port 8865.

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