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Accessing eGuide from the BlackBerry Browser

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Jamie Pepper

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Posted: 19 Jul 2006


When trying to access eGuide from the BlackBerry Browser, you are presented with a WML exception as the BlackBerry gets identified as a WAP/WML browser.


Modify the eguide.cfg file to add the BlackBerry User Agent and force it to use text/html content instead of defaulting to WML.


In order to complete this, you must edit the User Agent section in the eguide.cfg file. Below is an example of a User Agent that is defined by default in the eguide.cfg file.*ProxiNet*

This above statement is pointing to a "template interface=simple" which, if you look further down in the configuration file, forces the content to be displayed as text/html.

If you copy the above User Agent values and modify them to detect the BlackBerry Browser it will allow the BlackBerry to render the page in HTML correctly.

For example:*ProxiNet*

You will need to increment the number after UserAgent. to identify this as a seperate User Agent. After doing this you will need to restart Apache/Tomcat in order have eGuide read the new configuration file.

Note: Any help or links to how to locate the eguide.cfg on Netware vs Linux and a link to restarting Apache on Netware/Linux would be appreciated!


This was tested against eGuide 2.1.x running on OES SP1, but it should also work with eGuide running on any OS platform.

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