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Cool Tip: Creating a Trusted Application Key in GroupWise

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Posted: 18 Jul 2006

Starting with GroupWise 6.5, Novell introduced the Trusted Application functionality to allow trusted, third-party applications, such as a GroupWise archiving solution, for instance, to access user mailboxes without requiring the user password.

The Trusted Application key is a powerful tool that provides access to every account in the GroupWise system and is generated through specialized APIs included with the third-party vendor software. You can't create a Trusted App key from ConsoleOne.

The Trusted App is created at the Domain database level. To create this key, you need three things:

  • An application capable of creating the Trusted App key, such as GWArchive
  • Administrator access to the GroupWise wpdomain.db database
  • Admin privileges to the Domain object within Novell eDirectory

As with the majority of GroupWise administration, information is written to the Domain database, which is then propagated throughout the system: first it is replicated to other domain databases, which in turn push that information to the Post Office database. It is, therefore, critical that in any Trusted App creation all domains are communicating and show OPEN status in the MTAs.

Note that the larger the GroupWise system, the longer it may take for the Trusted App key created to propagate. Until the it is propagated to the PO database, you won't be able to log in using it. For additional information on the behavior of the Trusted App, see

To secure the Trusted App from unauthorized use, you may restricts its usage to a specific IP address by modifying the attributes of the Trusted App in ConsoleOne. Another attribute that can be specified using the Trusted App is the Retention Flag. This allows archiving products like GWArchive to ensure 100% email retention. For more information on the Retention flag, visit

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