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Service Pack 5a for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 for Groupwise

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Posted: 25 Jul 2006

Several weeks ago, RIM released Service Pack 5a for For BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 for Novell Groupwise.

For details, go to:

Select BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 for Novell Groupwise, then select 'Service Pack 5a' which has the filename "besg_upgrader_4.0.5.exe"

The related documentation can be found here:
It consists of the "4.0.5a Release Notes" and several guides.

This 4.0.5a (bundle 23) release has one functional change ("more descriptive logging") and fixes several issues. Also take notice of the 'Known issues' section in the 'Release Notes'.

Make sure you have a good backup of your database (MSDE or MSSQL) and your system before you install this Service Pack.

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