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Posted: 25 Jul 2006

Created by Camtasia Studio 3

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Have you ever seen an icon in your Mailbox, Calendar, or even Sent Items folder that looked a little foreign? Here's the icon-to-English dictionary for those unusual icons.

This symbol appears on a sent item. It means one or more persons you sent the message have opened a message or accepted an appointment. The symbol will disappear after all recipients have opened or accepted.
This symbol also appears on a sent item. It means the message could not be delivered as addressed.
This symbol can appear next to any item type. It means the item was delegated.
This symbol can appear next to any mail item, phone message, or task. It means the sender requests a reply to the item.
This red "no" symbol can only appear on an appointment. It means you declined the appointment but did not delete it.

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To see a complete list of GroupWise icons, select Help | Help Topics and type icons in the index search field.

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