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Using Profiles on Terminal Servers

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By Bjorn Schonhoff

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Posted: 25 Jul 2006

ZENworks 7
Windows 2003 Terminal Server SP1

When you are working with ZENworks DLU, terminal server and server-based user profiles, you can have problems with saving these profiles to a NetWare volume. All settings get lost when the user logs off. The problem is a security setting from Microsoft which checks if the user is the owner from this profile. But ZENworks gives the user at every login a new SID so the user will never be the owner for the Microsoft System and so the terminal server will never save the profile.


You can implement a computer policy via ZENworks or by setting a Registry Key.


Deactivate checks for existing roaming user profile folders

Computerconfiguration\Administrative Template\System\Userprofile\


Set the following keys:



After that, restart your terminal server and your profiles should be saved.

You can check it when you look at the last modified date from the ntuser.dat in the roaming profile.

For more information, see this TID.

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