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OPEN CALL: ZENworks Imaging and Dual Monitor Displays

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Updated: 1 Aug 2006

Jeff C. wrote: I have recently been enlightened by the ease and speed of imaging on Zen 7 coupled with ENGL's add-on product. The only thing that really confuses me is the fact that there are no sites/tools/docs/scripts etc. that deal with enabling/extending a dual monitor at the end of the imaging process. I know the reg keys to manipulate to get it to work on a per-computer basis, but that just goes against everything imaging does for you. (Aren't network admins lazy? I'm talking about visiting every PC. Right!) To get to the point, this message is sort of an OPEN CALL to those who have many computers with multiple displays and don't have a way to extend the Windows desktop to the other monitors short of visiting every one.

Keep up the great work. Cool Solutions is truly one of those "value added" things Novell and others make available.

OPEN CALL: Anyone got any tricks up their sleeves that would help Jeff? Let us know.


Robert Parlett

Jeff C. said: "I know the reg keys to manipulate to get it to work on a per-computer basis."

Well then, Mr. C., just export those reg keys into a .reg file and create an add-on image that contains the file. Image Explorer should add the .reg file to the path c:\Program Files\ZENworks\imaging if you choose "Image" -> "Add Registry File" from the drop-down menu. Just create a new image object for the machines with dual monitors and use the base image along with the new add-on image.

After imaging completes, Ziswin will apply the .reg file to the PC and automatically reboot. Voila, dual monitor goodness via ZENworks add-on images.

Dave Hagen

If you know all the reg keys to enable dual displays as you want, just make a ZEN application object to push them out after imaging. Assign it as a force run to the workstations that have two monitors connected.

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