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InfoWorld article confirms high cost of MS Enterprise Agreement, Novell Open Workgroup Suite offers an alternative

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Posted: 27 Jul 2006

Check out this interesting article from InfoWorld, which validates what we've been saying all along: you may be paying for a lot more than you use in a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Here's an excerpt:

A Gartner report issued on June 5, "Five Leverage Points to Use When Negotiating with Microsoft," focuses on the Microsoft EA (Enterprise Agreement). EA is a subscription model (aka revenue stream) for Microsoft, in which companies sign on for what is usually a three-year period. During that time they receive certain guarantees, but as it turns out, they may be paying for more than they need.

Software Assurance is a big part of an EA. It guarantees that you will always have the latest version of Windows and Office. But the amount of time between versions is growing longer. Consider: The last release of Windows was six years ago. If you have an EA from five years ago and have renewed it twice, you may have paid for that entitlement three times over. Other companies opt for an EA but still upgrade desktops at the department level, which means the company ends up paying a second time for the Windows and Office licenses.

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You have a choice

Novell's Open Workgroup Suite provides a low-cost alternative that you should take a look at. You don't need to spend so much just to keep your users productive. The Novell Open Workgroup Suite offers an open, low-cost alternative to the Windows-based product set many perceive as their only option. Blending proven technology with all the benefits of open source, the Novell Open Workgroup Suite provides a complete desktop-to-server solution -- at up to 70 percent less than what you might be paying with Microsoft. Whether you want to deploy on Linux, a mix of platforms, or take advantage of an annual subscription, the Novell Open Workgroup Suite can help you shrink your IT expenses -- starting today.

Check out the three different deployment options you can choose from.

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