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By Scott M. Morris

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Posted: 28 Jul 2006

Scott Morris recently posted an article in his blog about how to share Linux with others. The article discusses ways that we can spread the word about using Linux to people who have never heard of it or who might be interested in trying it out.

Here's an excerpt:


OpenSource software remains a mystery for quite an astounding number of computer users. Many who have heard of it are not interested in trying it because they believe things that are not true, or they simply don?t care about it. Of those who have tried it and don?t like it, perhaps they tried the wrong distribution, and maybe a different one would be more agreeable for them. Linux doesn?t have to be for everyone. There are many people who have tried several distributions to find that none of them suite their taste. That is great. At least they were able to make a fully-informed decision based on personal experience and not out of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Linux is a very powerful operating system with a lot to offer. It provides solutions to problems that have been plaguing proprietary software for decades. It seems that many people would be very excited to give Linux a try if only they were properly informed about it. People are afraid of what they don?t understand. If we, as Linux users, were able to reach out to those around us to introduce them to Linux and all it has to offer, maybe they would someday thank us for providing a solution to problems they may not even know they had. Maybe they had grown accustomed to worrying about security. Maybe they just accepted the fact that they have to reboot often.

Linux solves so many problems. It seems like if people were informed a little better, they could make a more educated decision about whether Linux is really right for them or not. If so, we?ve helped someone out. If not, they are no worse off than they were. So, you see, even in the worst-case scenario, no one is any worse off than they were to begin with. There is absolutely nothing to lose by suggesting that people try out Linux.

Read the complete article here

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