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Finding Users Stuck in Migrate Status

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By Chris Bracy

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Posted: 16 Aug 2006


I recently had a TAO file corruption and had users with associations stuck in 'migrate' status. I needed a quick way to find those user entries so I could fix them.


Here are the steps I used:

1. From a DOS prompt, cx to [root].

2. Enter the following command:

nlist user show dirxml-associations /s > a.txt

3. Search the a.txt file for "os/2" - and you have the stuck users.

The output of nlist looks like this:

User: CBracy
Volume Name: Vault.DriverSet.IDM.
Path: {002B300D-35E0-da11-AC2F-0008028AE01E}

The values for name I found are:

   nfs = pending
   mac = associated
   dos = disabled
   os/2 = migrate

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