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Troubleshooting GroupWise PDA Connect

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By Bart van den Donk

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Posted: 1 Aug 2006


The present GroupWise PDA Connect (7.01 SP1) has a bug. I finally concluded that NEW objects on the GW-client (PC-side) are kept CHANGED after the first synchronization. This is incorrect. If you change a NEW "PC"-object on the PDA and synchronize, by default your changes on the PDA are undone! This is because the PDA-connect software "thinks" there are changes on both sides (PDA and PC). However the change was only made on the PDA.


The way to get arround this bug is simple: Always sync twice.

Example: Try the following:

1. Make an appointment on the PC.
2. Sync.
3. Control the appointment on the PDA.
4. Change something on the PDA.
5. Sync.
6. A message will state there have changes on 2 sides (this is a bug).
7. Just go on without changing the sync.
8. Control the PDA (the appaointment will be the old one from the GW-client (PC-side)).
9. Change the same thing in the appointment on the PDA.
10. Sync.
11. There is no message stating that changes were made on 2 sides (this is normal).
12. Control your PC.
13. The changes are confirmed on the GW-client (PC-side).

If you sync twice at step 2, the problem will not occur.

This solution was tested in an environment with:

  • GroupWise 7.01 SP 1 Client, with GWPDAConnect 7.01 and Active Sync 4.2 (NL)
  • GroupWise 7.01 Server (no SP1)
  • PDA with Pocket PC 2002/2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0

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