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International Mapping in eGuide, Take 2

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By Mike Braden

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Posted: 16 Aug 2006

Here is an update on international mapping in eGuide.

Good old Service Pack over wrote my Uihandlers.xml that I changed to allow for International mapping within eguide.

But, it was time for a review anyway. It seems the two I posted previously, map24 and multimap, changed the way you link to them.

So, I started looking for other solutions. The one I ended up with was Google, but not Google US, Google UK. It seems Google US wouldn't link for UK addresses, and we couldn't forget our UK friends.

Below is what you need to add to your Uihandlers.xml in the sys\tomcat\4\webapps\eGuide\WEB-INF\templates\xsl\default\browser directory. Just search for Map and replace the line which has the Yahoo Maps link in it. You will need to make sure the ampersand signs in the below link are (ampersand)amp; or they won't work right.


<a title="{$ShowMapLabel}" target="_blank" href="{../attribute[name='STREET']/value},+{../attribute[name='POSTALCODE']/value}+{../attribute[name='CITY']/value},+{../attribute[name='CO']/value}&ie=UTF8=&om=1">

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