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Troubleshooting NMAS on ConsoleOne

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By Marcel Cox

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Posted: 23 Aug 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"When I change a password via ConsoleOne (1.36e), only the RSA hash gets written, via an NDS "set keys" verb. The same operation via NWAdmin works fine and sends an NMAS login store message verb "set password".

The timestamp on the public/private keypair is newer (when ConsoleOne fails) than the NSPM password, so it won't harm too much. But I could swear that NMAS clients used to intercept this and react properly. I get this behavior consistently on different trees and with different clients (also older builds of ConsoleOne). Running ConsoleOne from a server works fine of course, as do iManager, NWAdmin, LDAP and a ctrl-alt-del-initiated password change.

Normally this should be something related to the NMAS client ( But if so, why does it do its job when intercepting NWAdmin?"

And here's the reply from Marcel Cox ...


I just got the answer from Novell.

This is a known bug, but the bug is not in the file spmnwcc.dll itself, but rather in the fact that ConsoleOne comes with old NMAS DLLs that don't interface with the new spmnwcc.dll. The difference between ConsoleOne and NWADMN32.EXE is that NWADMN32 does not include any NMAS support at all, and as such relies on the client to correctly handle the password.

ConsoleOne, when using a version with all the plugins typically found on a NetWare 6.5 server, includes NMAS support and thus wants to handle NMAS itself. However, because of the DLL version conflict, it fails to do so. The new NMAS DLLs unfortunately do not work with ConsoleOne yet, as there is no Java wrapper yet for the newer DLLs.

You can, however, easily work around the problem without having to backrev your client files. Simply copy the old spmnwcc.dll to the ConsoleOne bin directory. That way, ConsoleOne will use the old DLL which is compatible with the NMAS DLLs included with ConsoleOne.

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