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Disabling Name Completion in WebAccess 7.0.x

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Posted: 8 Aug 2006

Name completion was introduced into version 7.0 of GroupWise WebAccess. The implementation of this feature uses only the user's frequent contacts address book and there was no option for disabling it. Some users have requested that name completion in WebAccess be disabled for their use.

Name completion can be disabled by the Administrator by modifying the "WEBACC.CFG". There is a key titled "Name.Completion.enabled" and is set to a value of "1" by default. If the Administrator wants to disable name completion for every user on that WebAccess system, then he/she can change the value to "0" and that will disable the feature. Restarting Tomcat is probably not necessary.

Note: You may need to restart Tomcat before the changes take effect.

We are planning on making easier options for disabling name completion available in a future release of WebAccess, but these suggestions may help those who would like to disable it now.

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