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From Cache to Trash - Disappearing Messages?

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By Ian McDonald

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Posted: 15 Aug 2006

We have a user who uses Caching Mode. When her assistant files items, using proxy access to the user's mailbox, the items appear in the Trash, apparently unread.

But what happens is this:

1. The Cache mailbox updates when the item arrives in the Inbox.

2. It updates again to show the item being filed in the folder in the cabinet.

3. It updates again when it finds the item in the Cache Inbox is no longer in the Live Inbox. It therefore deletes the item from the Cache Inbox. But the item has not been deleted from the account - it is in the folder in the Cabinet. Still, it looks as if it has just been deleted unless you check the folder in the cabinet.

It took a bit of work to find out what was happening!

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