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Setting Up GMS with Multiple POAs

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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 29 Aug 2006


A Forum reader asked the following questions:

"Question 1: I've been trying to find more information regarding setting up GMS with multiple POAs. Our GroupWise system is set up with each school in our district having its own PO, which amounts to 17 POs, total (including our CO). Based on what I've seen so far, it looks like each school would need its own GMS server, which would be a management headache. Is it possible to have one GMS server serve multiple POAs?

Question 2: I don't think any of our PDA users will have duplicate IDs, as only our building admins have PDAs, but I'm trying to plan ahead. Can GMS be made to use POA.username login as with WebAccess (or something similar)? That would be the best solution in my case I think.

And here's the reply from GroupWise expert Danita Zanre ...


Answer 1: Certainly! GMS can work with as many POAs as you like! If all of your POAs are on the same internal network, and the GMS can see them all, simple POA redirection works fine, and all you need is the single authentication server that you create in the GMS on initial installation. For example:

1. I set one POA as the "authenication point". UserA belongs to that post office, but UserB belongs to a different PO.

2. UserB logs into GMS.

3. GMS contacts the only POA it has defined.

4. The POA looks up UserB and redirects the GMS to the IP address of that user's POA. From that point on, the GMS will know where to find this user.

You can also "define" each POA if you want and manually assign users to them, but this isn't necessary unless your redirection tables on the POAs themselves do not work for some reason.

Answer 2: Although GMS can't use a POA.username login as with WebAccess, you can manually create a different GMS login that fixes the conflict. Say you have two jsmith users on different POs. You would manually create jasmith and jbsmith and assign them directly to the POA they should contact, with jsmith being the login to the PO.

Also, you need to update all POs containing users that want to use GMS. It is "SOAP" that does all of the work for the GMS, and only SP1 has the SOAP changes needed to communicate with the GMS.

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