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Using iChain with GroupWise Mobile Server

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Jim Michael

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Posted: 4 Oct 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Has anyone set up GroupWise Mobile Server with iChain instead of the Secure Gateway?"

And here's the reply from Jim Michael ...


Yes. I have my GMS behind a path-based, multihomed accelerator. I made the new accelerator a PBMH child of an existing public-facing site we already had behind iChain. I can go to this site (e.g., and iChain pulls the info from GMS.

This works fine for me ... you just have to remember to put the correct URLs in the Intellisync Server console, so the client knows where to go.

Just use HTTP. There is no reason to do SSL for this, because the device-to-GMS communications are already encrypted via AES or 3DES (whatever you configured). SSL for the device communications would just add a layer of complexity and performance loss, without increasing security.

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