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Synchronizing GroupWise and IMS (Intellisync Mobile Suite)

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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 3 Oct 2006


A Forum reader recently asked this question:

"Users synchronize all their data when first created in Intellisync Mobile Suite. However, I see no new email from GroupWise or push does not seem to work and I only see new email approximately every hour."

And here's the response from GroupWise expert Danita Zanre ...


When the Intellisync Mobile Suite starts, it registers with GroupWise using the IP of the server where IMS is running. If that IP is not recognized by GroupWise, then GroupWise will not able to send "notification" events. To identify and correct the problem, follow the steps defined below:

1. Turn up logging to verify that IMS does receive real-time notifications from GroupWise.

2. Go to the IMS server.

3. Open http://localhost/diag with a browser.

4. Go to Email Accelerator.

5. All the way at the bottom, underneath Add Property, type (to delete, leave the value empty):
GroupWise.LoggingLevel = 10

6. Restart all IMS services.

7. Once IMS is running and a \Intellisync Mobile Suite\log\GroupWise_Translator.log file has been generated, add a contact in GroupWise.

8. Check the \Intellisync Mobile Suite\log\GroupWise_Translator.log file for the existence of a GroupWise notification as such (with VALUE replaced with the appropriate value for the user):

read data=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><notify 

Notification Not Found

If a notification is not found, GroupWise is unable to contact the IMS server. Please follow the steps below to diagnose:

On the the IMS server,

1. Identify the IP address and port that IMS uses to register with GroupWise by examining the \Intellisync Mobile Suite\log\GroupWise_Translator.log file for the existence of such string (with VALUE replaced with appropriate value for the server):

listening on IP_VALUE:PORT_VALUE

2. Note the IP address value and port value.

On the GroupWise server,

1. Attempt to ping the IMP IP address as such: ping

2. Attempt to telnet to the IMS IP address and port as such: telnet 8191

3. If a ping or telnet is not successful, identify what network changes need to be made to allow the GroupWise server to talk to the IMS server.

Using a Different IP Address or Port for the IMS Server

If the IMS server should use a different IP address or port, such as a NAT-ed address, when registering with GroupWise, follow the steps below:

On the IMS server,

1. Open to http://localhost/diag with a browser.

2. Go to Email Accelerator.

3. All the way at the bottom, underneath Add Property, in the left box type:

4. In the right box type (to delete leave value empty): <IMS-Server-Name>=<IP of the IMS Server>:8191

5. Access <IMS-Server-Name> by going to Control Panel/System/Computer Name.

6. Access <IP of the IMS Server> by opening a DOS Prompt and typing "ipconfig".

7. Restart all IMS services.

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