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Installing iFolder OSS Enterprise Server on an Existing SLES 9 SP2 Server

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By Tim Hall

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Posted: 30 Aug 2006


Installing iFolder 3.5 OSS Enterprise Server on an existing SLES9 SP2 Server.

Configuring iFolder 3.5 on a SLES9 box with NO OES after installing can be difficult because there is NO YAST tool.


The following are the notes I kept when installing iFolder 3.5 Enterprise Server on SLES 9 with NO OES installed.

Two options:

If you're installing on a new box, just partition off the /var with a good amount of space for user data. In this case the SLES9 NO OES iFolder 3.5 will work right out of the box (so to speak)

HOWEVER, if you're installing on a existing server and you want to move the location of the DATADIR see below:

mv /var/lib/simias TO /yourdatastore/simias
Assign apache user ownership of the /simias
chown -R wwwrun:www /yourdatastore/simias
edit /etc/simias/defaults.config
<setting name="simiasdatadir" value="/yourdatastore/simias" />
STOP Apache2
START Apache2

Note about the Client:

MAKE SURE you use the 3.4 CLIENT or newer. The 3.2 client is designed to work with the OES iFolder3 server.

POST Install tasks:

Install the 3.4 or newer client for Windows or Linux. Log in and create the iFolder3 folders.

Admin Tips:

  • create users: http://host/admin
  • administer: http://host/admin
  • user WebAccess: http://host/ifolder

Additionally if you access the ADMIN utility and look at the ifolders in the system you should notice the path points to where you moved your datastore ... if the ifolders are located in /var/lib/simias didn't work.


  • SLES 9 SP2
  • iFolder 3.5 Server
  • iFolder 3.5 Windows client

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