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Customizing the Lens Icon in eGuide

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By Andrey Karyagin

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Posted: 30 Aug 2006


A Forum reader recently asked this question:

"When using eGuide to diplay the attributes of a searched Organizational Unit, a lens icon appears next to the Unit Address Code field (custom attribute). When the lens icon is clicked, I need a list of all Users beloging to the same Address Code displayed in the Navigation Form on the left. What file should I configure, and how, on Unix?"

And here's a suggestion from Andrei Karyagin ...


1. Locate the uihandlers.xml file under ...\tomcat\webapps\eGuide\WEB-INF\plugins\eGuide

2. Find the following string within this file:

3. Add something like:
immediately before or after DEPARTMENT string.

4. Restart both Apache and Tomcat.

5. Go to eGuide Administration Utility and click LDAP Data Sources -> Edit -> Attributes.

6. Scroll down to the desired Template Key and click More Options.

7. Select the SV "Find Others" Search Link.

8. Click Save and then Close.

9. Restart both Apache and Tomcat once again.

10. Verify your configuration.

Concerning UNIX, the only difference between platforms is uihandlers.xml location. The same approach may be implemented via the customhandlers.xml file, which may be more suitable in some cases.

Keep in mind that the Search Root is configured through the LDAP Data Sources and LDAP Settings tab. My solution should locate all desired USER objects below this search root, if Search sub-containers is set to SUB.

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