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Changing the GWIA IP Address

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Posted: 6 Sep 2006


I have installed Novell Small Business Suite with NetWare 6.5, BorderManager 3.8, and GroupWise 6.5 on a single server. This server has an official IP block with 8 IPs. The primary IP is used for gateway (vpn,,,) - the other is secondary and is used for mail, ifolder, web and so on. This is still working, but if I send out a mail, the GWIA always sends it via the primary official IP. I tried some filter execptions, but no success. Is there a solution to configure GWIA that it will send out via my defined secondary IP?


You can change the IP address GWIA uses to one of the secondary addresses via a GW option.

Select the "Bind to TCP/IP Address at Connection Time" option if you want the Internet Agent to bind to the TCP/IP address that has been defined as the Internet Agent's network address (GroupWise tab > Network Address page). When this occurs, the Internet Agent will only use this TCP/IP address when sending outbound messages. This applies to outbound messages only; for inbound messages, it will still listen on all IP addresses assigned to the Internet Agent's server.

This option is useful if the Internet Agent's server has multiple IP addresses and you want to force it to always use the same IP address when sending messages. It is also useful if the Internet Agent is running in a clustered environment (through the use of Novell Cluster ServicesTM or Microsoft* Clustering Services) and you want to bind the Internet Agent to the server's secondary IP address.

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