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Synchronizing Firefox Bookmarks between SLED 10, Open Suse 10.1, and Windows XP

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By Mike Brady

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Posted: 14 Sep 2006


I use several different machines all with different OS's, and want to keep my FireFox bookmarks synchronized. There are several free services that will host these, but I would prefer to keep them on my own server.


I found a FireFox extension named "Bookmark Sync and Sort". This extension will sync your bookmarks to an FTP or WebDAV server. Since I run OES (NetWare or Linux will work just fine), I can use WebDAV to sync my bookmarks. I installed the extension first ( ) , and restarted FireFox.

Then, go into the Tools menu in FireFox, and choose Extensions. Then click on the Bookmark Sync and Sort extension, and click on the Preferences button. I wanted my bookmarks to go to my home drive mapping.

To find out the proper URL for your home drive mapping (or any other drive that maps when using NetStorage), login to NetStorage in your web browser. Once you are logged into netstorage, switch it to Text Mode by clicking on the little notepad looking icon at the top. Now, just find the drive or directory where you want to put the bookmarks, and right click on it. Choose "Copy Link Location, or the equivelent. Now, back in the properties for Bookmark Sync and Sort, we will break that URL into pieces. Here's an example url:

In the host field we want to use ""

In the path field, user the rest of the url, plus a filename for the bookmark xml file: /oneNet/NetStorage/DriveP@username/bookmark.xml

Enter your eDirectory user ID and password in the user and password fields. I also set mine to use HTTPS, and recommend you do the same. I also set mine to Auto Upload on Exit, and Merge Data at the bottom of the window. There other options you can play with too.


This tip allows me to sync my bookmarks between SLED 10, Open Suse 10.1, and Windows XP.

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