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Auto-Forwarding GroupWise Mail to External Lists

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By Yasean Khan

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Posted: 26 Sep 2006


Delegating to external email addresses fails, stays pending or simply disappears into the ether.

For example, suppose you have a number of users who insist on using gmail or Yahoo or xyz e-mail addresses. These users want all e-mail that is sent to their GroupWise email addresses re-directed - transparently, without the "forwarded" from part (which is usually their own e-mail address). This also applies to people who are not part of your organization; however, you want to create a public distribution list including these external people.


1. Create an external Domain. When creating it, do *not* give it a database location. Name the domain with a generic INET-DOM name as an example. The link to domain should be your normal routing domain.

2. Create an External Post Office in this domain, again with no database path.

3. Create users on this post office with the ID being ABCD.

4. Set the Interenet addressing for this user manually to the external email address domain (such as in the example

5. Ensure that the address format specified is set for that user to be USERID@Internet Domain Name.

This person will now appear on the system address book if their visibility is set to "system". This means that you can now add them to any distribution list.

Note: The Client Side OS is irrerelevant in this solution. This solution works on GroupWise versions 6.0 - 7.1; it should work on earlier versions as well.

How to Delegate to External E-mail Addresses

Instead of a rule forwarding to that person's e-mail address of, simply delegate to that address, as it can now be found in the system address book.

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