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Keeping Change Capture Databases on a Storage Card, not Internal Memory

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By Stephen Wicklund

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Posted: 3 Oct 2006


This problem occurs when you install the GMS client on Windows Mobile internal memory, then uninstall and reinstall it onto an add-on storage card. The change capture databases stay on the phone's internal memory area. If you delete the files from \Program Files\SyncClient\<username> you get "error occurred while writing to change capture database, error" after you sync.


This is resolved by downloading a Windows Mobile registry editor. I have used Mobile-Regitry-Editor, a program that works through ActiveSync. Once you are into your registry, browse to:

Two keys are important to fix the problem: DataDirectory and InfoDirectory. I modified mine to have \Storage Card before the \Program Files - so now it reads \Storage Card\Program Files\SyncClient\<username>
Now my change capture databases are on my Storage Card and not filling up my internal memory.

Note: This solution was tested on an environment with Groupwise Mobile Server, a Windows Mobile Smartphone, and a mobile registry editor.

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