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Creating an External "Home" Structure for Archive Directories

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By Darron Michael

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Posted: 10 Oct 2006


I wanted to reorganize my storage so that my users' archive directories are within a structure similar to the "Home" structure but external to the "Home" structure.

The purpose is to facilitate the adherence to divergent retention policies for different types of data. Email data has a specific retention policy. Most other data can be kept forever (at least where I work).


If the users' archive folders are kept within their Home directories, then the following problems happen:

  • The creation of a "files only / no email" backup involves browsing every user's home directory to exclude their archive folder.
  • The creation of an "email only / no files" backup involves browsing every user's home directory to select their archive folder and deselect everything else.
  • Once the backup jobs are created, they can only be used until the next new groupwise user is hired. Then all the backup jobs have to be re-created to include the new GW user.
  • Users sometimes "click wrong" while working in their home directory and this frequently causes the archive folder to get moved or deleted or renamed, which causes problems.


You need to have two separate sets of User folders, like this:

Home      Archives
   User1      User1
   User2      User2
   User3      User3
   User4      User4
   User5      User5

This enables selection of backup data, either "files" or email data, without excessive browsing.

1. Run the following command:

NLIST Users /N > userlist.txt  

This will dump a list of usernames to a text file.

2. Edit the text file to prefix each line with the mkdir command. Any editor will do, so long as you save it as a text file with no formatting.

3. Make sure to create your main "Archives" folder first so you can run the next step's batch file from there. Otherwise you'll have the set of user folders in the wrong place.

4. Copy the text file to step1.bat. Now you have a batch file that will create a set of directories (one per user).

5. Edit the text file again and replace the mkdir command with the rights command, using the proper syntax to assign the correct rights for each user to their individual archive directory.

6. Copy this text file to step2.bat and execute step2.bat.

7. Move each user's GW Archive folder into the new location.

Recommended Options

  • In Client Options, Lock this setting for archive location so that the user's can't relocate their archive from this location.
  • As an alternative to editing the userlist.txt file to make your two batch files, you could create a single batch file that accepts the userlist.txt file as input and does everything that is needed, but I'm trying to keep this simple.
  • Add an IF statement to your login script that checks for the existence of an archive folder for the user and create one if needed and assign rights as needed. This will take care of any new users that get added.

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