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Changing Photo Sizes in eGuide

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By Ron Imsland

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Posted: 11 Oct 2006


Novell eGuide's default photo properties are rather small and limiting. They also don't seem to be able to be changed through the administration interface.


There are two different file sizes that can be changed for eGuide photos: File size and Resolution Height.

Adjusting the File Size

If you want to increase the allowable maximum byte size of the photo file, that's done by editing the SYS\Tomcat\4\webapps\eGuide\WEB-INF\plugins\eGuide\uihandlers.xml file (your install location may differ) with an XML-Aware Text Editor.

1. Find the "ATTRIBUTE: SV Binary Photo Upload" section.

2. Edit the MaxFileSize field. It will be shown in bytes (I think the default is 64K). If you don't have an XML editor, you can use any text editor, even Notepad, but you'll have to search for MaxFileSize. It should look something like this: <MaxFileSize>65536</MaxFileSize>.

3. Change the number listed to match your desired file size. 250K (256000 bytes) seems to be a good value and can support a rather large, lightly compressed JPEG photo.

Changing the Resolution Height

If you want to change the Resolution Height of the displayed photos on the user info page, you'll have to edit some more XML files - this time, XSL Stylesheets. The default displayed photo resolution is 125 pixels in height. No matter what size picture you put in there, it gets resized to 125px high when eGuide displays it.

There are three XSL Stylesheets located in SYS\Tomcat\4\webapps\eGuide\WEB-INF\templates\xsl\default\browser\ with an <img height="125"> tag in them: detail.xsl, PhotoDetail.xsl, and printdetail.xsl. I'm pretty sure that the detail.xsl file is the stylesheet used for the actual webpage displayed, but I would suggest changing them all just to keep them the same.

1. Open those files in your editor; if your editor can parse XML, it will be in a section called either "INSERT PHOTO AND VIDEO" or "INSERT PHOTO" depending on the file.

2. Look for the <img height="125"> tags and change them to your desired height resolution.

I recommend 250, as it's a good tradeoff in viewability and webpage space conservation. You should change this to a value that fits your usage but for the best quality. It should either be equal to the height of your source photos or be a multiple of the original (such as 500px original photos displayed at 250px in eGuide). The reason you may want to use larger original photos is that you can right-click the photo in eGuide and save it to use elsewhere, and it will be at the original, larger resolution.

3. When finished with both changes, restart Tomcat on your webserver to apply the changes. Your eGuide should now accept larger photo files and display them in higher resolution.

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