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Martin Buckley holds forth on the next generation of ZENworks

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Posted: 3 Oct 2006

If you have any burning questions about what's in the works for the next generation of ZENworks, you should keep a close eye on Martin Buckley's blog over the next weeks. He's been on the road visiting customers in Europe, and has been talking a great deal about ZENworks futures, so he thought he'd begin sharing the non-confidential parts of that with you.

Martin is very willing to answer questions via the blog, so get out there and ask him and let's see what he comes up with. There's no one more qualified to speak to the past, present, and future of ZENworks than the Evil ZENworks Scientist himself. If you're the ZENworks wonk at your company, you'd be well-served by hanging out with Martin.

Check it out today.

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