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Solving a Client Extractor Error for Novell Messenger

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By Steve VanSlyck

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Posted: 11 Oct 2006


The NMMA Messenger produces the following error:

Unable to build the client extractor [0x8209]


Make sure software path is set correctly.


When loading NMMA.NLM (Messaging Agent), the Agent attempts to build the client extractor. But if the software path is not set correctly in ConsoleOne, the Agent will report this:

18:00:00 3DF Building the client extractor...
18:00:00 3DF Error: Missing files that are required to build client extractor
18:00:00 3DF Error: Unable to build the client extractor [0x8209]

1. Shut down the Messenger Service.

2. In ConsoleOne, open the properties of the ServerR object under the MessengerService object.

3. Select "General" under the "Server" tab.

4. Make sure the software path points to the SOFTWARE directory (e.g., \\SERVER\sys\Novell\NM\ma\software\) and not a directory higher or lower in the path. This should solve the problem.

5. Restart the Messenger Service to confirm.

Note: This solution was tested with Novell Messenger 1.0 - 1.0.6.

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