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"Last Activity" Defined

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By Brad Beckenhauer

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Posted: 28 Nov 2006


I just ran an Audit report on my Post Office. I'm trying to determine what constitutes "Last Activity". For example:

Last activity time - 07/19/05 13:18
User reported as inactive - User has been inactive for 420 days

Does "Last Activity" mean:

a) That the last time someone logged into the account was 7/19/05
b) the account has not received email since 7/19/05

What if someone proxied into the account - does this update the Last Activity? And what if the account has shared folders and someone accesses them - does this update the Last Activity?


The Last Activity dated *is* updated when:

a) A user logs into the GW account.
b) A user proxies into the account AND reads/creates or changes an item.

Note: If you proxy into an account but do not open or create an item, the Last Activity field will not change.

Last Activity is *NOT* updated when:

a) A user proxies into account and just *looks* at the folders. It appears you actually have to change an item to get the Last Activity to reflect an access.
b) You access a shared folder.
c) You access a shared folder and add or delete and item.

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