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Sharing GroupWise Default Actions

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By Joseph Marton

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Posted: 24 Oct 2006


A Forum reader asked the following question:

"When users open attachments such as Excel files, they don't open correctly. The option is set to view in a new window. If I set it to Open Attachment, then it opens in Excel, and the user can see everything correctly.

If I go to ConsoleOne > GroupWise snapin > Environment, there are no default actions and nowhere to change that option that i am looking for. If I go to Tools > Options > Environment >Default actions, that's where I can change it on the user side. Is there a way to change it on the server so I don't have to do it at every client?"

And here's the answer from Joseph Marton ...


Just push out the following registry key using ZEN, a login script, etc.:

DWORD: File Attach DoubleClick
Value: 1

To disable the warning if the attachment is greater than a certain size, use this:

DWORD: .AttachmentPromptSize

To push this out with a login script,

1. Configure the keys on one machine.

2. Export the key to a .reg file.

3. In the login script call regedit and import the .reg file.

Or, you could get real fancy and just call a batch file in the login script; then in the batch file, throw in some logic to determine whether you need to import the key.

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