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Troubleshooting Missing Appointments

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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 21 Nov 2006


A Forum reader recently asked:

"A single user is having a problem with receiving appointments, from only one particular user. Appointments from all other users show correctly in the inbox as appointments. But from that one user, the appointments appear in the inbox as a regular mail message, rather than as an appointment. Other users CC'ed on the email receive the appointments as appointments.

I ran maintenance on both the sender and receiver through ConsoleOne as well as on the receiver with stand alone GWCHECK. I created a test account on the receivers post office and that account received the appointments correctly.

Has anyone seen this before?"

And here's the response from GroupWise expert Danita Zanre ...


I can almost guarantee that for some reason this sender is sending to the recipient out through the GWIA rather than internally to GroupWise. You should be able to verify this by looking for a MIME.822 attachment (if you don't see it in the attachment list, make sure that it's not been "hidden" since system attachments don't show up by default).

For example, there may be an address in the frequent contacts with additional routing information specifying the GWIA. If that's the case and you remove the address, the appointments would get delivered correctly as appointments.

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