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Port Settings for Personal Firewall

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By Brian Kinney

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Posted: 12 Oct 2006


I am implementing a personal firewall (Symantec Firewall) on my laptop. What port settings should I have for my NetWare Client?


There are a number of ports which need to be opened for NetWare authentication and communication, and sadly, Symantec Firewall does not include them in their default configuration.

Please Note:

I don't use every tool available from Novell, so there may be other ports which need to be opened. This list gets me everywhere in my environment - your mileage may vary. I may also have been too "open" with my configuration, so any Novell Engineers out there, please review and correct my settings.

I have the following connections allowed:

Remote port 427       #SLP (TCP)
Remote port 524       #NCP  (TCP/UDP)
Remote port 631       #iPrint (TCP)/(UDP???)
Remote port 1204-1500 #SLP, NMAS (TCP/UDP)
Remote port 2302      # SCMD (TCP)
Remote port 2645      # SCMD (UDP)
Remote port 3389      # Zen Remote Desktop (TCP)


If login somehow works, and you can access your "context" but you can't see your NDS tree(s), then most likely UDP is not on.

Remember, firewalls are SEQUENTIAL, if it is told to block something before the rule to allow it, then it's blocked. If necessary, create a rule for each product type at the BOTTOM and move it UP in the list until you get the desired results. The default rules are very good for everything else a laptop user may encounter.

Please read through other TIDs:

Also, perform a Search Novell on "Port Number Assignments" (w/ quotes) specific to your NOS version for additional information.

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